Sunday, April 17, 2011

So far so good with lots of learning along the way

This whole process of releasing my own project on kickstarter is a huge expirement for me. The last time I released something was when my flat pack plywood furniture set was in Make magazine. That was a very different expirement all together and as story for another day.

To be honest I think I assumed that that just putting up the project would be enough to make it "go viral." I am starting to get an insight as to just what it takes to get the word about about things. I am also learning a new appreciation for the adaptability of viruses and their evolutionary course.

In my path of adaptation I have tried a few things just to see how they would go. I emailed a few blogs here and there hoping they would just pick it up and run with it. A few did, I hope a few more will before long.

I learned yesterday that if you spend 3 hours send messages as fast as you can to your friends on facybook with a form letter with the same link in each message. After sometime facybook  will flag your account and tell you that you are abusing their messaging service. Maybe they want me to buy more ads?

It was a huge pile of work for me just to get the kickstarter account up in the first place. I got everything "close enough for rock and roll" and hit launch. the question I am asking myself is what should I change to make the message more compelling to spread.